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April 1, 2010

Saturated advertisement market in Indonesia to force the marketer and advertiser for be more creative and innovative to send message through advertising. Media messages as we see, almost everything need more modern touch and following market’s claim. If not, brand owner would be harmed by his action is nothing more than a waste of money.
For you know, like discussed in Integrated Marketing Communications edition this magazine before, that marketing communications is now supposed to be interactively(two-way communications).
media campaign that still conventional(one-way communications)suspected was not effective. If still one way, new innovations should be prioritize that really different and tasted its effectiveness.
With that reason, PT Lomaro Digital Media had recently introduced the new inovation in advertisement in Indonesia. The new product is called StreetBoardTV is a good media to campaign for a product that is considered more effective and efficient. Named StreetBoardTV because this form of media is a car that equipped with two liquid crystal display (LCD) 65 inch and one light emitting diode (LED) monitor 3 x 2,4 meter.
According to its form-based car, certainly StreetBoardTV has advantages as a mobile media advertising. StreetBoardTV was operated for 15 hours per day from Monday to Friday. It will stops alternately at strategic points of the city jakarta. The benefits of using StreetBoardTV, apart can meet the target market directly, also can be stopped in a traffic jam in the hope can seen by the driver at the same time through the route.