TOEFL (Refisi)

1. It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lay on.

-> To sleep  diganti menjadi to sleeping


2. Marry usually arrives at the office at nine o’clock, but because the storm, she was two hours late.

-> Because di ganti menjadi because of


3. Many exited women could seen at the departemen store sale.

-> Could seen diganti menjadi could be seen


4. He likes her new job very much and works hard.

-> Her diganti menjadi his


5. No one would have attended the lecture if you told the truth the guest speaker.


6. He did not attend the meeting last week, and either i do.


7. Bess is used to fly after having crossed the continent many times during the past decade.

-> To fly diganti menjadi flying


8. Sam used to living in Oklahoma, but his company had him transferred to be a better position in Georgia.

-> Living diganti menjadi live


9. The president went fishing after he has finished with the conference.

-> Has finished diganti menjadi has finish


10. He did not attend the meeting last week, and neither i do.

-> Neither i do diganti menjadi neither do i


11. Anybody who plans to attend the meeting ought send a short note to the chairperson.

-> Ought send diganti menjadi modals


12. No one in our office wants to drive to work any more because of there are always traffic jams at rush hour.

-> Because of diganti menjadi because


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